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So what should you expect from us?
First of all, we will only blog when we have something meaningful to share.  
We don’t have deadlines we need to meet, this isn’t old media.  If there isn’t something genuinely cool on our radar, we will remain happily mute.  So you might see a post once or twice a week, or it might occasionally be once a month, though I doubt it.  Regardless, you wont hear from us until we have something interesting to say.  What a novel concept, right?
Secondly, we will endeavour to serve as your curator of the chaotic health and wellness universe, editing out the BS to proffer up the gems.
We will provide only what we believe you really need to know, with a specific focus on what delivers the most dramatic and transformational results, in the shortest possible period of time.  We believe in maximising efficiency, not only because none of us have enough time for anything less, but also because it tends to be massively positively reinforcing.  So when we edit the world of health and wellness to share something, you can be sure it caught our attention for all the right reasons.
Finally, you will have the opportunity, or dare I say it the obligation, to contribute – this is your journey.  
Building a community of empowered, self determining, and experimental Thr1ve’ers (is that a word? no? what a shame….) is the ultimate objective.  The world of health and wellness is very confusing, and for good reason.  Many in the industry have a huge incentive in keeping you a little baffled and disempowered, because then they can sell you a magic bullet – be it a pill, a machine, a ‘system’, a DVD, or whatever.
On the contrary, we are quite happily unorthodox, and we subscribe to no health and wellness religion.  Rather we believe in one thing and one thing only, what works.  Together with you, we can draw on and experiment with the latest and greatest in evidence based nutrition, supplementation, and exercise, all the while filtering out the serve serving, the commercially bias, and the frankly annoyingly self promotional.  And then we can decide for ourselves.
We are obsessively passionate about this mission, but there aren’t that many of us, yet.
So please send us ideas, thoughts, comments and suggestions for content.  We are pretty confident that if you have read this far you have something interesting to say on this topic – fire away!
Enjoy the journey.

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