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12 sites to bookmark

Let’s be brutally honest here, the number of ‘healthy eating’ blogs that go up each week is verging on absurd. It seems like every second tweet is ending in #eatclean #paleo #healthyeating.

Well, #shutthef*ckup, I’m not really looking for advice from a teenager who just discovered how to create a website and his blogging from his mum’s study. Thanks, but no thanks.

So to save you from being told a protein shake every 2-4 hours is a great way to #getripped, or that #lemondetox is the only way to drop a dress size, here are 18 blogs to bookmark in 2013, suggested by Mark Sisson. who you can (and should) follow here.

Mark is the author of several books, including Maximum Results, The Fat Control System, The Anti-aging Report and the Lean Lifestyle Program. He also edited Optimum Health national newsletter for several years and is pretty well respected in health and fitness circles. And he is 57, so no, he’s not blogging from his mum’s study. Here is his list of blogs to follow:

1. Health Correlator

Ned Kock is a stats guy who examines correlations in health statistics and discusses what conclusions can be drawn from them. He never loses sight of the limitations of numbers even has he acknowledges their power, and Ned runs a real tight ship that doesn’t get nearly enough attention (although that’s changing, hopefully moreso after today). A couple weeks ago, Richard Nikoley tweeted that Ned was the most underrated blogger around, and I think I agree.

2. Matt Metzgar

Sort of the Jack Handy of paleo blogging (only not as funny), Matt gives short summaries of papers, two or three line posts on his difficulties reaching a full squat and possible solutions, a paragraph or two on running barefoot through his neighborhood and the looks he gets, a short but sweet series on prebiotics, pesticides, or fasted training… it never takes more than a minute to read Matt’s stuff, but I’m always interested to see what he’s got cooking. T

3. That Paleo Guy

Jamie, formerly of “Primal Muse,” is a cycling coach/nutritional consultant (I think) in New Zealand. Besides trading witty tweets with Dr. Emily Deans, he also enjoys posting long (but never long-winded, a rare skill) posts on nutrition, training, and the confluence of the two, especially in regards to cycling. I come from the endurance world, and I appreciate his take on staying paleo in the cyclist’s world of sugar gels, pasta meals, and osteoporosis.

4. Evolutionary Psychiatry

Emily Deans, MD, is a superstar. She graciously wrote a guest post a couple weeks back, as you probably recall, in which I plugged her blog, but I thought it deserved another. Every time I read a blog by Emily (or any of the other MDs on board with this stuff), I get happy because I realize that the tide may be turning after all. What’s cool about her blog is that although she focuses on the essentiality of fixing your food, exercise, stress, and sleep to avoid or mitigate mental illness, she recognizes the place of medication in certain cases. That’s Primal in a nutshell, really: taking advantage of all the unique benefits of both modernity and tradition when they make sense.

5. The Daily Lipid

Chris Masterjohn may occasionally eat wheat, soak legumes, and question the universality of gluten intolerance, but man is it hard to argue with his dedication to sticking to what the evidence shows. Plus, he loves liver, egg yolk, and dates Melissa McEwen. Read this man.

6. Huntgatherlove

Speaking of Melissa, she’s also got a good blog. She first appeared (to my knowledge) in that NY Times piece highlighting “cavemen in the city.” Read her, too.

7. Hunter-Gatherer

From NY Times to Colbert to a Trappist monastery, John Durant takes paleo to new arenas. He’s working on a book, is big in the NY barefoot running community, and shows intense interest in what zoos feed their animals – a man of many interests.

8. Perfect Health Diet

Dynamic duo Shou-Ching and Paul Jaminet are scientists (he a former astrophysicist, she a molecular biologist) who healed their long-standing medical issues with a low-carb, paleo-esque diet. Their book and blog attempts to fashion a sustainable, healthy, longevity-promoting, science-based way of eating and supplementing. They use a little more rice, a little less protein than I might, but the Perfect Health Diet deserves a VP spot in the Primal/paleo tent.

9. Seth’s Blog

Seth Roberts is great. He only writes about nutrition every so often, but he’s a great believer in the power of self-experimentation (eating more animal fat improved his sleep and he has the stats to prove it, for example), especially if you figure out how to quantify and record the results. Having had dinner with him, I can say that he’s really engaging in person, too.

10. Evolvify

Witty, slightly sarcastic Andrew tackles evolutionary psychology more than biology, the latter of which he mostly leaves to others. He’s fond of saying “the rabbit hole goes much deeper than diet and exercise,” and I’d agree with that. Common topics include the intertwining of sexual attraction, relationships, business, and politics with evolution. If you’re fairly comfortable with what you’re putting in your mouth and how you’re stressing your physical capacity, you might find Evolvify’s examination of the other stuff interesting.

11. Eat Move Improve

Rarely updated, but when it is, it’s always worth reading. Steven Low and Chris Salvato are fitness professionals (either budding or established) with gymnastics and parkour backgrounds who provide excellent training progressions, intuitive ways to determine why your knee or your lower back hurt and what to do about it, and they are extremely thorough. My personal favorites include “Shoes, Sitting, and Lower Body Dysfunctions” and “So, You Hurt Your Lower Back.” That last one helped me figure out (and fix!) a tweaked SI joint once.

12. Dr. Briffa

Dr. John Briffa is, as the name suggests, an MD. He’s always good for analyzing the latest study your skeptical friends gleefully shove your way.

And if you want more healthy eating blogs to bookmark, click here to jump over to Mark Sisson’s blog, where you can find his complete list.

So, who have we missed? What health and fitness blogs are  you following right now?

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