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THR1VE Signature Coffees

THR1VE Signature Coffee’s – Boost energy, Burn fat, Supercharge Your Focus!

So you know coffee should be considered a health drink, right?
Why You Should Drink As Much Coffee As You Like :)

7 Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For You

The Science Behind Coffee & Why It is Good For Your Health
While we love our coffee, we have decided to take the humble long black and supercharge it.

THR1VE Mountain Coffee

Mountain Coffee starts as an organic long black, to which we add MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) derived from coconut oil for instant zero-carb energy and a research proven boost to your metabolism.  We then layer in grass fed butter for a lovely dose of slow burn, good fat smoothness.  Finally, we blend for 10 seconds, for an incredibly creamy finish.

The energy lift lasts hours, with no crash, and no artificial jitters.  How does it taste?  Think of a fresh buttery croissant and an espresso, all rolled into one.  DELICIOUS!

THR1VE Island Coffee

Island Coffee adds our organic long black  to coconut cream for low carb island flavour, and cinnamon for blood sugar regulating magic and mouth-watering taste. The perfect blend of all natural flavours and energy, with no added sugar, brings a tropical breeze to THR1VE through another workday.

On a low carb diet?  Losing weight, or wanting to?  Struggling with intermittent fasting?

Try a Signature Coffee as a replacement for breakfast.  The energy lift from the MCT’s and coconut cream is similar to what happens when you eat a carb-heavy breakfast, minus insulin spike and mid morning crash. Our organic coffee is packed with disease-fighting anti oxidants, and the caffeine is absorbed more slowly due to the healthy fats (which also reduces your appetite for hours).

Looking to add lean muscle? A CrossFit addict?  In heavy training? 

Add a Signature Coffee to a high protein breakfast like our Breakfast Bowl or our new Paleo Buckini Bowl.  These high quality fats with energy and metabolism boosting properties will fuel your metabolic needs, sparing protein for optimal muscle recovery.  I have a high metabolism and struggle to put on mass, so I add a Signature Mountain Coffee to my breakfast every morning.
Just two additions to the new and improved THR1VE menu – http://www.thr1ve.me

Check it out, and please let us know what you think!

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