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Getting it up & the myth of aging

(For the boys, and everyone who loves one…;)

Ageing = inevitable decline?  Or does it?

NEW Study on Testosterone vs. Aging from The University of Adelaide

Testosterone Levels Correlated to Behavioral and Health Changes 


A better question may be – who profits?

As with so much ‘conventional wisdom’, it seems the research sponsored by Big Pharma and drug management ‘solutions’, is not the whole story.  Emerging research demonstrates that lifestyle factors (the WAY we choose to live, not the YEARS we have lived) are the most important drivers in ageing, including but not limited to hormonal health.

Studies conclude that aside from lifestyle factors such as obesity, smoking, and sedentary habits, and assuming a healthy starting point, testosterone can remain well within the ideal range for life.  On the flip side, the introduction of artificial exogenous testosterone, (whether via an injection, patch or gel), throws the delicate endocrine system out of whack – shutting down your balls and driving up estrogen, which then requires other drugs to ‘manage’.

And Big Pharma has you addicted for life….

What do you need to do?

Eat clean, train hard, and supplement if you so desire.

Eating and training for maximising testosterone and growth hormones release

Natural supplementation, and the wonders of Pine Pollen

Love to hear from all you self empowered health hackers!
– Josh

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