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The unexpected side-effect of the Paleo lifestyle

Since starting the 12WC I have been dealing with an unexpected side effect of the paleo lifestyle… my sex drive has skyrocketed!

But not only has my sex drive shot through the roof, I have also become rather clucky and am having baby making urges. I am a single, career focussed, full scheduled girl with near no spare time on my hands and I am not in search of a relationship so babies should be the furthest thing from my mind, but they’re not. And with these thoughts of babies come thoughts of sex! Heaps and heaps of sexy thoughts. Running through my head. Constantly.

This is something that I have never really experienced before. During my teenage years I swore black and blue that I would never have children, then I met a boy and we were in a long term relationship and I had thoughts that maybe it would be nice to have a family but it wasn’t at the top of my priorities. Then that boy and I separated and the small thoughts I had of wanting children were scratched off my list again. I contribute this lack of desire I had to create a family to the fact that previously I was unhealthy, out of shape and full of self hate so my body wouldn’t have wanted me to reproduce.

Over the past 18 months as I have lost weight there has been a slow increase in my sex drive but since the 12WC it has increased dramatically. By going paleo I have cut out grains and processed shit from my diet (including skim and no fat products) which screwed with my hormones and contributed to my weight issues. When you stop consuming crap not only do you start to lose weight but you also start to feel good about yourself and these feelings increase to self love and when you love yourself you let others love you. In the past I was full of self loathing and couldn’t understand how someone would want to be intimate with me so I didn’t want to have sex as I was constantly self conscious during it. But now I am a fit and healthy gal in optimal baby making condition and for the first time in my life I have a sex drive and it’s nice…..even if it is sending me cray cray.

So if you are suffering from a lull in the love department and a lull in the self love department maybe a primal and paleo lifestyle is the change that you need.

– Isabel

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