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Meet Dunc – 155kg, determined to change

Hello… I guess I should start with an introduction. 

I am Dunc.

I started with THR1VE at the MLC center on the 29th of April 2013, and I weighed 155kgs.

I am writing this first post one month later on the 4th of June, currently weighing 139kgs! 

To date,


– Been to the gym
– Experienced  “hunger pain” between meals
– Counted calories
– Died from lack of carbs or fibre… or pizza

– Discovered two new belt loops
– Felt like exercising (other than sports)
– Had my ‘epiphany toilet moment’ (mad props if you can tell me what that is from)
– Become a true believer

So if your interested in what has changed lets go back to the beginning.

I was brought up in an army family moving around a lot, playing a lot of sports and was fairly active up until I could drive and then slowly but surely I started the slow journey up to 155kgs.  I still played basketball and baseball as I grew older and bigger but my food habits left a lot to be desired.  To put it mildly.
At my worst I was working in a pizza shop for 9+ hour days.
A typical day’s eating?
Two bacon egg rolls with cheese for breakfast, a whole large pizza for lunch and then a large meal plus an extra burger from one of the fast food chains on the way home. Oh yeah and a few 1.25L bottles of coke zero to wash it down.
Mmmmm tasty I know right!  I shudder at the thought of it now.
So the first two weeks at THR1VE I was taking advantage of nutritious and delicious food through the week, but drinking and eating excessively on the weekends.  Monday and Tuesday for the first two weeks were very tough on my head, effectively detoxing Carbs and caffeine which lets be honest hurt a lot.  I was fat, work was long, physically hard…and so on, lots more excuses.  But after just two days of nutritious food, I found myself feeling fantastic!  Thursday I would bounce out of the store at the end of the day full of energy and loving life.  By Friday… I was ready to cut loose!  So after 5 days of eating awesome, nutritious food I would be pumped, feeling energetic, however still not smart enough to not gorge on beer and crappy food all weekend.
Yet, despite the weekend blowouts and without thinking, I stood on the scale after the first two weeks and BAM!  10kg lighter!  
I did a few checks to make sure I wasn’t cheating (picture Homers’ belly on the towel rack).  WOW no wonder I was feeling great that last week.

THE CHALLENGE had been laid out for me – what would happen if you didn’t have blow outs over the weekend?
Still I wasn’t quite ready to commit to seven days a week, and that that weekend eating everything I craved or could find and drank…a lot!  The Monday detox was always going to be rough!  Monday I felt tired and as if my brain was ‘lagging’ behind all day.  Tuesday was better but the caffeine headache hit me hard.  My body felt great on Wednesday but my brain was still a bit slow.
So I decided to fully commit, high protein and low carb, nutritiously dense, and no added sugar.  Sure the occasional cheat meal, but not weekly two day benders.
Since then I have been eating a breakfast bowl from THR1VE, steak and veggies at home plus drinking a lot of water and making an effort to go to bed 9 hours before I had to wake up.
I woke up on the Thursday and bounced out of bed, no head ache, check, no aches and pains, check, energy, check.
So my current food plan is if you could hunt it or find it in nature EAT IT!
In the last 10 days since further committing to the right nutrition, I have dropped another 5kgs and have not found my self feeling hungry or tired.
In fact I have forced my self to eat while on breaks and have jogged to the train station a few afternoons.  My apologies to anyone who had to sit next to me on the train after 10 hours working in the THR1VE kitchen and a jog, my bad.
If you have thought about eating healthy or changing your lifestyle then my advice is to try a hunter and gatherer approach to eating for a few weeks and feel the difference. 
I have 2 newly used belt loops and more energy then a bloke my size should have that says it can work.
Anyway thanks for reading, Keep on THR1VING!


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