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Dunc – losing weight, gaining strength & questions about ‘weird’ eating

Hello all,

Dunc here.
So I would like to start with a very big THANK YOU to all the people that commented, both on social media and face to face.  It really means a lot!
You may remember I recently started with THR1VE, weighing 155kg.  Last you heard from me, I was 139kg.  Today I am weighing in at 137kg.
That’s ‘ONLY’ a 2kg loss in two weeks, but as Josh keeps telling me, I have started strength training – so it’s about fat loss and muscle gain.  Weight loss on the scales may slow, but body composition results and the good old ‘mirror test’ show ongoing progress.  Nice!  

So anyway…the dreaded GYM word got dropped on Friday before the first post went live.  And then Josh set up a a personal training session with the Primal Trainer, Tony Gonzalez.
GASP!  I know right?  Scary!
I dread boring workouts and I am not sure if I will ever enjoy them, which made me skeptical; not of Tony but of the GYM.  Tony knew this and had taken the time to create a non-boring workout, (thanks Tony), focused on so that I can start doing more things as I feel better each week and month.

We focused on getting my body moving and started with simple form and body weight exercises. Tony had me work through 3 sets of 12 squats, 12 push ups and 12 rows.  The focus was to execute with good form – which I did for most of the sets except the push ups.  After that circuit it was 3 sets of 12 lunges with a weighted push and 12 rope whips.  I hope I have called them all the right things…;)
FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS PRIMARILY USING BODY WEIGHT – easily replicated at home, or on the road – and (almost) fun!
So while I personally feel I struggled with the exercises, I didn’t die, (BONUS), and could still walk down stairs and to the train station.
Tony asked me to try and re-create this workout at home once or twice that week which I managed by switching the pull ups for chair dips and the rope whips for jump squats and added a long walk either side of the exercise.  Again I was happy after the sessions, and while I was a little sore the next morning, it was never unbearable and I usually had more energy the next day.
On top of all that it only takes me 30 mins to burn through all that, so for 3 sessions I am only ‘working out’ for 1.5 hours each WEEK! 
Oh you read that correctly – 1.5 hours a WEEK!!!   Hopefully more great results to share on this as we go!
This week I have had a few questions on how I could possibly manage to eat ‘this’ way. I want to try and break the myth that it has been hard or I have had to be smarter then the average bear.  I’m not and I didn’t.  There.  Myth broken.
Oh fine I’ll provide some detail then.
Breakfast has been a bowl from THR1VE, but I could easily find time to cook bacon eggs and spinach in the morning (and did this morning as I wasn’t in-store today).  Lunch is a THR1VE bowl, but always on greens i.e. no rice.  If you are looking to lose body fat you simply don’t need the carbs, focus on protein and veges.
For dinner I got a hot tip from Nat, Aldi have grass fed meat and a pretty good price and range.  So I bought a few different cuts of meat and a couple heads of broccoli and cauliflower.  Then when I get home from work I can cook a steak and steam some veggies and it isn’t hard or time consuming.  I used to head to the pub for a beer and a pizza or chips.  Instead I spend that time reading or talking with mates I have cooked for.
Oh!  Bonus has been money saved from cooking versus pub dinners.
If you are a big snacker between meals (I am not) a few people have suggested boiled eggs, low carb protein bars or even the cold meat biscuit (left over steak from the night before).  I had the chance to try some of the Paleo Brownies mentioned in the THR1VE blog on their website and they would make a great snack, everyone enjoyed them!
My advice this week is that this is not a fat loss secret!  THR1VE is NOT only for ‘fat’ people or ‘gym junkies’.  It helps real people with problems they may or may not know they have.  
Real food!  Real energy!  Real results!  REAL EASY!
Well thanks for reading and until next time keep THR1VE-ing

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