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It has now been about 5 weeks since I finished the THR1VE 12 Week Challenge so I thought I would give you a little update about my life post Challenge.

If you are a regular THR1VER you have probably seen my before and after picture plastered all over the store, which turns my face red every time I grab a smoothie and I pray that no one in the line behind me realises that I’m that girl but at the same time I am bubbling over with immense amounts of pride. Although I look physically great in the picture it does not do any justice to the greatness that I feel on the inside.

The first few days after the challenge I completely let loose with my eating but this only lasted four days. I could not believe how quickly the negative effects of ‘normal’ food returned. Overnight lethargy, irritability, insatiable hunger, bloating, eczema and bad skin returned to my life. I tried to shrug it off and didn’t think I could suffer these symptoms so quickly. I just kept telling myself that it is okay to eat this ‘food’, I had been deprived of it for three months and I should treat myself. But it wasn’t a treat it was a punishment and I started not liking myself, feelings which I had not experienced in months. So on the fourth day of consuming everything I wanted I realised that all I want is a bunch of kale and a massive green smoothie and to have wellness return to my life.

Since then I have been 80/20 paleo and am really enjoying it. For the first time ever I am not stressing out about those dreaded digits on the scale and I am comfortable with my body. I love the new me and regularly give myself mental fist bumps when I catch a glimpse of my reflection. I am filled with balance, calmness and feelings of general well-being. It sounds crazy but I have actually really missed doing the 12WC. I miss the focus and the goals it gave me to work towards.

So I have created my own little personal 12WC based on the knowledge and experience I received from the THR1VE Challenge. For the next 12 weeks I am voluntarily cutting out all processed foods, grains, dairy and sugar from my diet and aiming to be able to do unassisted pull ups. If you had of told me five months ago that this is what I would be doing just for funzies I would have thought you were a fool. But this is my new life and it is a life that I now have a lust for.

– Isabel

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