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Raspberry mousse

Do you like dessert? I like dessert and I like it a whole lot. It feels nice to have a special little treat sometimes. I look forward to it, I savour it and I enjoy it during a quiet time when I am relaxed and am winding down for the day. But it wasn’t always like this.

Prior to becoming paleo eating dessert used to be followed by mass waves of guilt, shame and self loathing or I felt the need to justify eating it by telling myself that I ‘deserved’ it as I had been so strict on my diet for 2 weeks beforehand. I was always left wanting more and if left to my own devices found it difficult to stop. To add to these feelings I also suffered bloating and bad skin afterwards.

But paleo desserts are different. They are friendly to your insides, don’t leave you suffering from bloating and bad skin, taste amazing yet aren’t packed full of sugar so you feel satisfied afterwards and there is no fear that it is going to increase those dreaded numbers on the scale. So I thought I would share with you my favourite little pink paleo treat that I like to whip up for myself.

Raspberry Mousse

serves one

2 tablespoons of chia seeds
2 tablespoons of raspberries, frozen or fresh
1 teaspoon of raw honey or stevia granules
½ teaspoon of lemon zest, finely grated
2 tablespoons of boiling water
4 tablespoons of the thick coconut cream from a pre-refrigerated can

In a teacup or small jar mix together the chia seeds, raspberries, honey or stevia and the lemon zest. Add the boiling water, give it all a good stir and then let it sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the chia seeds should have plumped up and soaked in most of the water. Now stir in the chilled coconut cream until everything is completely combined. You can either eat straight away or pop it back in the fridge for 20 minutes to thicken a little more.


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