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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“Worrying is like a rocking chair.
It’ll give you something to do but it will get you nowhere.”

Primal guru and author of the Primal bible ‘The Primal Blueprint” Mark Sisson often reminds us not to ‘sweat the small stuff’. By taking on a new lifestyle and mindset with a Primal / Paleo diet, there will be a point – or many – where you’ll stop and question food, habits, work out regimes, philosophies and yourself. Some people have no trouble giving these ‘obstacles’ a few minutes thought, making a decision, and moving on. But when venturing into a world full of different opinions, recipes and set of golden rules it’s easy to stall and worry about the little things.

Sometimes it’s important to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. The bulk of your body composition comes from what you put in, if this is made up from a majority of high protein, low carb means and steering clear of nasties such as grains, processed foods and refined sugars, then you’re on the right track already. Unless you’re celiac or highly gluten intolerant, nibbling on a piece of bread at a restaurant or sharing a pizza with mates over a Sunday night movie will not throw you off course. Will it make you feel sluggish and slightly off the next day? Probably. But we also need to remember to live a little, and therefore make choices like these consciously and make sure that being thrown off course does not put us back in the wrong direction.

Nobody’s perfect. He who tries to be perfect is left to deal with stress-levels out of the ordinary and is probably missing out on a lot of the good things in life. Though the THR1VE philosophy builds on taking care of our bodies in a way that makes them do just that – thrive, we need to also ensure that our life balance doesn’t take a drastic swing in either direction.

It’s sometimes a good thing to get back to basics and revisit the reasoning being the THR1VE lifestyle. A commitment to a stronger, healthier lifestyle based on an intake of high protein, low carb and no added sugar foods, combined with regular exercise and training – to always look and perform your best.

Losing weight, enhancing energy, improving strength and feeling amazing may not be easy, but it is simple.

Remember your basics, don’t sweat the small stuff.

– Steph

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