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4kg of lean muscle in just 28 days?

We followed THR1VE customer Andrew on his journey to attempt to achieve a significant change in body composition over a short period of time. In a months time, Andrew gained 3.2kg in lean mass by committing to a structured diet and training program.

“The biggest challenge is the food intake, significantly more than what I was used to eating. It became the focus of my day. I was up at 6am to eat before training and had to plan all meals in advance for the week. Some of the dinners took nearly an hour to get through…!”


Gained 4.7kg in 1 month
3.2kg lean mass, 1.5kg fat
Before 75.2kg @ 13.2% BF
After 79.9kg @ 14.3% BF

Andrew’s training and diet was modeled on a similar experiment by Nate Green, which he documented extensively here.


Food was split into high calorie days and lower calorie days depending on the training. Below are example’s of Andrew’s daily intake.


Large bowl cooked oats w/ milk
Smoothie with 2 bananas, frozen berries, almond milk & 2 scoops protein powder

Post Workout

1 scoop whey protein w/ water
THR1VE Breakfast Bowl : 3 eggs, spinach, rice tomato


THR1VE lunch bowl : 2 serves chicken, rice, greens


Handful almonds, cashews
Small bowl lean minced beef


600 gram steak
1 large sweet potato mashed
1 head broccoli


On non-lift days, most of the carbs were removed.

Monday: High Calorie / Legs
Tuesday: High Calorie / Chest/Back
Wednesday: Low Calorie / Off
Thursday: Low Calorie / Repeat sprints and core
Friday: High Calorie / Arms
Saturday: Low Calorie / Circuit
Sunday: Fast / Off
Fast Day –

The rationale behind the intermittent fasting, paraphrasing nutritionist John Berardi is as follows: The goal was for me to be in a caloric surplus – an anabolic state – six days per week, eating more calories than I burn which would lead to muscle growth. And then I’d be in an extreme caloric deficit one day per week, which would help reset my insulin sensitivity, boost growth hormone secretion, and help stimulate fat loss while preserving my lean mass.


Trap Bar Deadlift: 10 x 10
Superset w/
Hamstring Curl: 10×10
Complete within 16 minutes

Use a weight you can perform 20 reps with for 1 set for the 10×10

After this :
3 x 10 Single leg squats (10 each leg)
3 x 10 Hip Extension (with barbell)
3 x 10 Face Pull


Bench Press: 10×10
Superset w/
Single Arm Dumbell Row: 10×10 (10 each arm)
Complete within 16 minutes
Use a weight you can perform 20 reps with for 1 set for the 10×10

3 x 10 Incline DB press
3 x 10 Seated Row
3 x 10 External shoulder rotation w/ DB


Dips (or weighted dips): 10×10
Superset w/
Seated Bicep Curl: 10×10
Complete within 16 minutes
Use a weight you can perform 20 reps with for 1 set for the 10×10

3 x 10 Incline DB Curl
3 x 10 overhead cable triceps extension
3 x 10 External shoulder rotation w/ DB


Sprint for 20 secs
20 reps crunches or punches or mountain climbers etc
Do above 3 times no rest
Rest 2 mins
Do above 3 times (9 sprints total)


Group circuit comprising 10 exercises (4 mins per exercise)
Eg. Sled push, rope swings, medicine ball throws etc

“I noticed a significant increase in energy during workouts, simply due to the massive energy surplus that I was in from the food. I am happy with the results. More than anything else, it was nice to know I could achieve a significant change in body composition when committing to a structured plan. ”

– Andrew

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