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Negative reactions to going Paleo

Have you received negative reactions from people when trying to explain your new paleo lifestyle?

I know I have and it wasn’t something that I expected when making such positive changes to my life. People don’t like it when you do something out of the ordinary. They love asking you how you lost all that weight and asking how are you looking so amazing or how do you have so much energy yet a lot of people don’t like the explanation of primal living. I had one person tell me that she “completely disagrees with what I am doing to myself”, yet she sees me everyday and sees that I am bouncey, full of energy and enjoying life whilst she is struggling with weight issues and constantly tired. This baffles me completely, I honestly don’t understand it.

But then I realised something, I used to be one of those douche bags that would willing sling shit at people for their lifestyles. I hate to think about all those times I have told a vegetarian to just eat a freaking steak or had a go at a vegan wearing leather shoes. But who am I to judge their lifestyle when it doesn’t affect me? And who are other people to judge my lifestyle when it has created nothing but good things for me and does not impact on their lives whatsoever?

So if you’re thinking about taking on a primitive life then it is highly likely that you will receive negative remarks and responses from people, even people that you wouldn’t expect it from. But remember that this is your life, you aren’t harming yourself and you aren’t harming other people. Don’t let these reactions get you down. You do not need to justify being paleo or vegan or fructose free or any other nutritional style that you follow. It is hard enough as it is trying to steer clear of all those sneaky grains and additives and chemicals without the added societal pressures. Stay focussed and remember how dreadful that bowl of pasta or slice of bread makes you feel.

Other than the amazing support from the guys in store at THR1VE I don’t have any other fellow cavemen in my life so whenever I am feeling judged and disheartened about being paleo I go online and reconnect with the community and the inspirational stories. It reminds me that I am not alone, there are other people out there dealing with the same issues and challenges as me. We are lucky that the paleo community has such a strong online presence and that is full of support.

– Isabel

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