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Blueberry Lavender Jam Ice Cream

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We found this little gem just in time for the weekend and had to share. If the weekend calls for a treat, make sure you treat yourself with the good stuff! This Paleo-treat recipe is dairy free and though we’re not encouraging you to go crazy – it sure is a hell of a lot better than buying ice cream from the freezer section! Enjoy.

Serves: 3-4

Ingredients for the jam

1 cup fresh blueberries
¼ cup raw honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon lavender buds, finely ground (I use a spice grinder to break them down)
pinch of salt

Ingredients for the ice cream

1 can of coconut milk or coconut cream (whichever one you can find)
⅓ cup raw honey
1 teaspoon almond extract


Place blueberries and honey in a saucepan over medium heat.
Let the blueberries cook down until they have burst and become more of a thicken mixture. Like jam!
Then add vanilla extract, lavender buds, and salt. Mix well.
Once blueberries are almost completely broken down, remove from heat, and place in refrigerator to let cool.
While the jam cools, whisk together coconut milk, honey, and almond extract.
Pour ice cream mixture into an ice cream maker.*
Once the coconut mixture is almost done churning and has become thick, pour in jam into the ice cream maker until it mixes into the ice cream.

*If you do not have an ice cream maker, pour the ice cream mixture into a bread pan, then mix in the jam with a spoon. Let sit in the freezer for 4+ hours before scooping with an ice cream scoop. You may need to let it sit at room temp. for a while before scooping.

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