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It’s not always easy to practice what you preach, especially in a world where you are constantly being judged not so much holistically in all areas of life, but to often one dimensionally and professionally.

How quickly you can reply to that seemingly always urgent email, bang out a spreadsheet for the boss, or whip together a marketing plan? And whatever happened to ‘normal’ work hours in the era of 24/7 connectivity?

As we focus the importance of enjoying healthy diet – high protein, low carb, gluten free and minus the sugar – you can at least embrace the opportunity to do so on regular intervals. After you all, you have to eat at some point!

However, in a hectic life it is the other pillars of the THR1VE lifestyle that often fall by the wayside.

The roles of movement, rest, play and getting a bit of sunshine in everyday are just as important as choosing the right lunch. With busy lives it’s easy to forget to fit these in, so here are a few tips on how I (mostly) manage to sneak them in to my day. Though my techniques are far from perfect I hope that they can inspire you to put some more time and thought into the little things of everyday.

Trust me – it makes a huge difference.


Not everyone is, but I’ve always been a ‘mover’, and happily get up an hour and a half earlier to go for a run. It gives me energy and is the one and only time of the day when I can actually think. If you’re not a morning person, or a runner, a walk will do you the same good. Morning or afternoon, I vary this to fit in with my schedule.

If this is not for you at all, try getting in some movement on the way to work. If you can walk or cycle to work, do that rather than catching the bus or the train. Or from work if you don’t want to rock up to the desk sweaty. Find what works for you, and just do it. If wearing your runners all day helps, then do that. It’s totally fashion nowadays anyway 😉



Learning to switch off is probably the one I find the hardest to deal with, as would a lot of you. See office hours as a blessing in disguise, and stop taking work home with you. If you’re not happy with your job or workplace, maybe it’s time for a change? I’m not telling you to quit your job, but if you’re unhappy with the everyday, change something. If re-arranging a few things in your work routine or even doing something as simple as prettying up your desk makes a difference to you, take the time to do it.

Surrounding yourself with inspiring and motivated people helps me get my work done in my dedicated work hours. And though I am guilty of the one or other midnight email, this is almost always out excitement and inspiration.

Be organized, plan ahead and schedule in time for relaxation. Arrive in time, leave on time, and make sure you get into bed at a reasonable hour.



Seems so easy yet so hard to ‘find the time for’. Play is a broader term than many imagine – it can be anything from doing a sport you love, going dancing with your girlfriends, taking a bike ride with the kids, going camping for the weekend, having crazy good sex, going for a surf or exploring a new city. Sounds pretty easy and fun right? Play is movement we don’t really think about, because we have fun doing it, and it does our bodies (and minds!) wonders.

If your idea of play is xBox and beers with your mates, then you might need to re-think your strategy. And if none of the above seems appealing to you, then maybe it’s time to try something new. I go horse riding as often as I can, not only do these creatures calm and inspire me but the few hours on a horse back is an awesome workout. If you’re not sore afterwards then you’re doing it wrong.



Our ancestors were blessed in the sense that getting into the sun was hardly something that you had to take ‘time out’ for. As we’re now well bunkered up in our offices during the day and sometimes too exhausted and / or lazy to leave the house on the weekends, seeing the sun has become a sort of luxury that we’re happy to pay big bucks for to go and do in another foreign land. As a Swede it baffles me that people struggle to find time to catch some rays in this beautiful country.

Getting some vitamin D in every or every other day will change your energy levels. It’s almost like recharging a battery. 2-3 minutes is enough. If your work hours don’t allow this, try to schedule meetings at an outdoors café, or walk through the park to grab your lunch. Plant yourself with your laptop outside, in the grass for half an hour. And planning a few hours outdoors on the weekends will do you a whole lot of more good than watching back-to-back re runs of M.A.S.H.

Try it. And let me know how you go!

– Steph

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