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Remember to sometimes take a step back and listen to your body.

Do you follow wellness blogs? If you find someone recovering from an autoimmune disease or an incurable terminal illness that has a blog about how they have cured themselves, you can bet I’ve followed it at some point. I have probably seen every single image that exists of distant mountains and meadows or whimsical fit looking women smiling whilst hued in soft filtered light with inspirational quotes sprawled across them. I have read countless lists of things that happy people do differently. But after the last couple of weeks I have decided to look at all of these perfect, balanced, clean and unachievably happy virtual people in a different light, and stopped the vicious comparison cycle.


I was addicted.

Every day I was reading at least 10 different wellness related blogs. Learning about how to do a coffee enema, how to body brush, how to be more authentic to the real me, how to clean my chakras. Before I knew it I was comparing myself to these people and started thinking that I didn’t have enough wellness in my life, that I wasn’t living in the now enough. My organic food wasn’t organic enough and that I should somehow create a fully functional backyard garden on my freaking inner city balcony. And yes! I should totally pay someone big bucks to tell me via a Skype conversation that I need to better my life. It got to the point where I had convinced myself that I had parasites and an overflow of bad bacteria, as these seem to be the fashionable illness of the moment in the wellness world. I started freaking out and seeing naturopaths and forking out for all different kinds of tests and supplements but then received a little bit of wisdom from an unexpected source, my conventionally trained GP. She reminded me that I know my body better than anyone else and that I need to remember to listen to it.

And she was right. I had got all caught up reading and learning about what everybody else was doing and forgetting to listen to my own body, the greatest machine on earth. Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely taken away some great knowledge from these amazing people. I love being more mindful in my life and I love oil pulling but now I don’t judge myself if I am not consuming every single superfood and if I drink a green smoothie from a regular glass rather than a mason jar I don’t hate on myself about it.

Comparison is the thief of joy, so don’t get caught up in comparing yourself. I am full of wellness and know the importance of listening to knowledgeable people but also in listening to my own body and myself. Sometimes it’s important to step back and look at the bigger picture, and remember to check in with your body and mind.

– Isabel

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