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First Week of the 12 Week Challenge

Ironically, I have spent the last 5 years of my life pursuing high level fitness and optimal health as an athlete. I attempted this through hard work, discipline, sacrifice and misery. Something that never really worked out too well for me. Now that I am no longer trying to pursue world class fitness levels, I just want to achieve the best results I can, with the least amount of suffering and sacrifice possible.

My motivation for wanting to take part in the THR1VE 12 Week Transformation lay in the program’s ability to literally change my relationship with food. Over the years I have accumulated an abundance of knowledge on how best to, and probably how best not to, fuel my body for athletic performance– so you think I’d know how to fuel my body for life, right? Eh, wrong. I am completely clueless.

I have some personal goals which I want to achieve throughout this transformation, but my overreaching goal is to be able to confidently make healthy decisions daily regarding my nutrition. I also have a goal to do 5 handstand pushups, 10 unassisted pullups and improve my squat and deadlift 1RMs – Because, well, why the bloody hell not?

Day one of the 12 week challenge and I was on a plane to Melbourne for a work conference. I love being thrown in the deep end, of anything except a body of water, and that night I found myself at the opening party drowning in a room of cupcakes, brownies, lollies, chocolate mousse, macaroons… and the list goes on! FML.

My first thought was ‘stuff it, I’ll just start this challenge tomorrow’. Call it a miracle, a light bulb moment of what have you – but it was at that moment, then and there, staring at someone cross-dressing as Alice in Wonderland, that I realised these are the exact words that I have been saying to myself every time I have decided to embark on similar journeys over the past 6 months. 6 months on, and ‘tomorrow’ has never come. I took a moment to check the time to see how long I would be confined to this sugary torture chamber when I glanced down at my phone. My lock screen on my phone read the words ‘Remember why you started.’ I had set this lock screen the weekend before the challenge – 4 powerful words that make me remember why I am embarking on this journey. All of my motivators and reasons for wanting to partake in this challenge came rushing to the forefront of my mind. It became apparent that reaching my end goal is far more important to me, and would bring me so much more satisfaction, than those ridiculously-good-looking food items could ever.

That night, I didn’t touch one piece of food that wasn’t listed on our set of guidelines which we received at the start of our course. I woke up the next morning without a sugar hangover, and ate bacon. Life.Is.Good.

4 days in and being proud of having made it through this challenge, I’m really for my next one. So bring it :)

Until next time,

– M x

by Miffy Galloway

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