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My favourite Primal places & people

So, you’ve just started the new THR1VE 12 Week Challenge or you’re looking at changing your lifestyle to a primitive one? It is easy to feel a little lost when turning your regular life upside down and relearning everything again with a different approach. Here is a list of my favourite paleolithic people and places that you might find helpful in your new journey. Do you have any favourite places or people that you frequently click to for information, inspiration or recipes? Share them with us, the more the merrier!
This one is a little obvious but there are some really great posts about nutrition, movement and general info around the paleo concept. Just the other day I went on because I wanted some new movement inspiration so I watched all of the workout videos. It was great and gave me some new ideas on how to change up my current fitness regime.

Mark’s Daily Apple
This site is a big giant wealth of knowledge and resources. Mark Sisson is great and has written some fantastic publications around primal living, including The Primal Blueprint. My favourite is the free Primal Blueprint Fitness eBook under the Freebies tab.

Robb Wolf
This guy knows his shit. Being a former research biochemist Robb knows the absolute ins and outs of the paleo diet. With weekly podcasts addressing topics about primal living and a number of other health, nutrition and fitness topics, you can pretty much guarantee you will find an answer to any query you might have. Not only are these podcasts informative but they are also really entertaining and lighthearted.

Eat Drink Paleo
Oh lordy lord do I love this site. Irena Macri is a paleo princess. Amazingly good recipes and useful additions like her Essential Paleo Diet Shopping List. She also has a super nifty little Is It Paleo tool on her site where you can type in an ingredient and it will let you know whether it is paleo or not and will give you a little bit of info about it. And even better, she is Australian so it is highly likely that you can easily source her ingredients. Beware though, if you are aiming for pure paleo check Irena’s recipes as she does use minimal amounts of dairy.

I can’t spend too much time on this site because I just end up salivating over Juli’s incredible recipes. I love Juli’s lighthearted attitude towards paleo. She isn’t about explaining the nitty gritty details of primitive living, she is just about food and having fun. I swear I giggle at every post she puts up. This site is the perfect place to visit for paleo-fied recipes of regular foods that you just can’t live without.

Primal Docs
I love this site! It’s a place that lists paleolithic focussed healthcare practitioners from around the world including medical doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, chiropractors and naturopaths. As well as being a network of like minded people, it is also a great source for recipes and has a bunch of blog posts that are always full of useful information and ideas.

The Food Lovers Primal Palate
The couple that goes grain-free together, stays together. Bill and Hayley are the perfect primal pair and are the authors of Gather, The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking and Make it Paleo. Gather is the perfect cookbook for hosting dinner parties when trying to convert your friends and family into cavemen. Fantastic recipes accompanied by beautiful photography.

Pinterest, my favourite time thief. I could spend hours trawling through this site. It is such a great tool for keeping track of any recipes, workouts or other bits of info. Just type paleo into the search bar and off you go, more primal recipes than you could poke a stick at. You can find my Pinterest profile here, if you want to check out my favourite paleo pins.

– Isabel


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