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Getting Started

I had butterflies when I met with the THR1VE 12 Week Transformation Challenge team for my initial measure-up and welcome but I walked away from that session feeling well equipped with the right tools and a knowledgeable network of people to support me.

Preparation is Key

I know that my weakness is disorganisation. Lunch was always going to be a no-brainer as I can just pop down to the Thr1ve store and choose what I fancy. It’s all the other meals and snacks that I need to be prepared for. I need to have something on hand so I don’t get to that ‘so hungry I’ll eat the closest thing’ stage. I equipped my desk drawer with a large jar of almonds, macadamias, walnuts and goji berries to keep hunger at bay between meals.

New rituals

My daily 3pm chocolate ritual is obviously completely out of the question now. I must say, it has been hard! The first day I just had a few nuts at 3pm instead- but this really didn’t cut it so I went and bought my favourite tea- Gorgeous Geisha. It’s a green tea with strawberries and it smells so divinely sweet. Following Terri’s recommendation I have introduced lots more green tea in to my diet in effort to improve my skin. Although it’s only been 5 days I actually feel like my skin is better already! So my new 3pm ritual is a small handful of nuts and a pot of tea! I definitely thought about chocolate every afternoon. A lot. But I didn’t have any. I also managed to survive three birthdays of friends and family without cake. Beginner’s luck? ☺

Learning to Lift

Prior to this week I have never lifted weights but Josh insisted that I would see great results if I did. So I have started off simple with two body pump classes at the Gym on Tuesday and Friday. These are light, toning classes to start as I want to be sure I know correct form and technique before I increase the load. I really enjoyed the classes! I was sore afterwards but not as much as I expected. They have made me TIRED though! I know our bodies repair when we sleep so I guess that’s what’s going on.

Domino effect

Recently I read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point and loved it. The concept is that once factors in any given situation reach a certain ‘tipping point’ the effect snowballs and cascades to become a sort of epidemic. I think this is totally applicable to the Challenge! By setting myself in an ‘I’m improving’ state in terms of my food choices, it’s very easy to carry that same state across to other areas of my life. I have found that I have been making a better effort to connect with family and close friends, I have organised my home more and I have discovered new skills in my yoga classes. I have been pushing every movement and shape to the best it can be and yesterday I nailed a tricky balance pose on two hands that I’ve never done before. Loving it!

Listening In

I have been listening to Robb Wolf podcasts as recommended by the Thr1ve team. My previous favourite was The Model Health Show, but I have exhausted most of the relevant material from those guys so Robb Wolf is certainly the current star of my playlist. Some great views presented here.

– Tara


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