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The Merrymaker Sisters love THR1VE

Who starts a 12 week healthy lifestyle challenge on their birthday?! Ahh, we do! The challenge started last Monday 23 September (C’s birthday) but we didn’t let that get in the way of our commitment to the 12 week #summerbody challenge… we just made sure we had cake the night before (paleo cake of course!)

Yes, we run a fit + healthy blog (themerrymakersisters.com)…and yes, we follow a Paleo lifestyle but we do seem to have a little (slash large) issue that we have been trying to overcome for a while. Over-eating. It seems no matter what we do: serve meals on smaller plates, put the leftovers away straight away etc etc. (we really have tried all the tricks) we still go back for seconds, thirds… maybe fourths! Just a couple of weeks ago we realised that our bodies just don’t need all that food!

When we heard of the 12 week challenge, we knew this was what we needed to get back on track. It provided structure and most importantly a massive push to work hard and see some awesome results (plus, we have beach, bikinis + shorts on our minds!) Not only this but THR1VE said that by the end of the 12 weeks, we will be transformed into energised, vibrant, fat-burning beasts! We say: hell yeah!

One week already done and we are feeling AHHHHH-mazing. Along with a 100% Paleo diet we are taking THR1VE’s LeanHerbs and Performa Greens (and we are reaping the benefits). Anyone who is yet to try the Performa Greens NEEDS to get onto that…stat (don’t walk…RUN!) it’s an instant energy boost in a couple of teaspoons (yes, we are officially in love).

Actually, we are in love with THR1VE…the food, the smoothies, the customer service (everyone is SO nice…we love nice people!) Just check out some of our amazing meals so far:


The food is great, the supplements are awesome and our energy is buzzing. We literally jump out of bed now and just want to start the day. What is this new found energy and where did it come from!? Well, it can definitely stay for as long as it wants!

Week 1 done, bring on the next 11! We started hill sprints and the Body By Science workout too this week… but that’s a whole other story!

Always merrymaking,

– e & c


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