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Michael Roach – Crossfit Athlete

Who am I?

I’m extremely passionate for healthy living.  My name is Michael and I am an ex-soldier of eight years who became a personal trainer after falling in love with the ability to keep fit and healthy. I moved to Canberra and started using Crossfit methodology to train myself and my clients. I’ve found that this method of training is the most effective way to improve strength, power and endurance, whilst gaining lean body mass.

I’ve now competed in three consecutive Crossfit regional games and have been named the 26th fittest man in the country (Australia and NZ).




I train seven to nine times a week, this varies from strength and endurance workouts using different skills such as Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics which I practice in turn periodically.


By no means do I eat completely paleo , however most my meals are. I do this because eating this way keeps my energy levels high without gaining any unwanted body fat. I always try to eat when I’m hungry (usually six times a day).  On weekdays my snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners would be all made up of paleo foods such as meat, vegetables, nuts & seeds, little starch and no sugar.

When I’m eating this way I am energetic, sleep better, train more effectively and remain lean.





Michael Olympic weightlifting – Double touch & go snatch at 100kg


I found THR1VE superfood café about six weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised when Josh gave me my first meal. It was perfect! Paleo, healthy, fast, tasty food. I still remember what I had:  Sweet potato mash, grilled chicken, broccoli and smashed avocado. This in my eyes was a perfect meal. I have always encouraged my clients to eat paleo, and the ones that commit and stick to the regime always lose body fat and feel better. I now visit THR1VE a few times a week, especially when I run out of time to prepare my own meals at home.


My goal next year is to improve my placing in the Crossfit regional games. My long term goal is to compete in the world Crossfit games. A healthy lifestyle will help me achieve this.
I believe THR1VE is well and truly on the way to guide the population to healthy eating by offering low carb, high protein, gluten free and no added sugar meals.


– Michael Roach


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