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Why do we THR1VE

A lot of you (especially our female customers ; ) most likely know Jack from our Sydney store by now. We had a quick chat over a Mountain Coffee, and had to ask – Why do you do it?




It’s a question I am often asked. Why the crazy long hours? Why the crazy lunch hours and why on earth would you cut out gluten and sugar? Until recently the answer was simply because I believe in it, because I love it! – which is a more than adequate answer.

So when I was approached to explain the benefits of our Lean Herbs to a customer one morning in store, I was surprised to walk away from that encounter with a stronger and more defined empowered feeling of as to why I work at THR1VE, and love it SO much.

The conversation with this customer started with me explaining the basics around our Lean Herbs product and that the increase metabolism effect aids weight loss. They mentioned that due to medical conditions training was harder, near impossible and a side effect of the medication was weight gain. As the conversation continued I was made aware that the condition was severe arthritis – a joint condition, where inflammation causes huge amounts of pain and discomfort.

Now, I’m not a doctor and not even near an ‘expert’ but I have read countless accounts of gluten causing inflammation and of cutting  out gluten  in turn decreasing inflammation.  So easing it in to conversation I mentioned that I had read a lot of research and testimonials that a gluten free diet can aid in the severity of arthritis and as an added bonus support weight loss. As I was going through the information-what gluten was and where it was found, I noticed that my customer was beginning to cry slightly. While I was pretty sure I hadn’t said anything to offend them the realization hit me that here was a person who was looking for ways to help themselves but was overwhelmed by the idea and confused about where to start. It became obvious that this middle aged person didn’t want to end up unable to move, overweight and with no idea what to do about it.



I handed over some information including websites to look into –robbwolf.com and Mark’s Daily Apple, to a repeated apology for ‘wasting my time’– I was quite shocked and reassured them that ‘Your health is not a waste of my time that is why THR1VE and I, am here! ‘ It amazed me that someone felt bad about asking questions to help themselves, and that receiving free information to help fix yourself was considered such a big deal instead of the norm.

I walked away from this encounter after numerous ‘Thank yous!’ feeling completely moved by the experience. This person was so overwhelmed that I had taken the time to speak to them, and instead of offering medications I offered the strength to make your own change, to regain control of your own life again.

I’m lucky to often get questions like this but this experience had such a strong impact on me. To be able to offer meaningful advice that will help without medications or trying to sell more was a great situation to be in for both me and the customer.

For me though this was a pivotal moment. The further down this road that THR1VE is paving I go I am now resolved in the knowledge that we are offering something special. And for me the question of: ‘why do you do it?’ became something much more! My answer has not changed but added to help

‘To support, to inform and to offer the simple solution of health through good quality food.’

 – Jack


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