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The Game Changer

Meet Amanda Bisk, from Perth, WA – whom we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last month here at THR1VE. Apart from being an incredible health and fitness inspiration to her 12,000+ Instagram followers (and us..!), she is a grounded, talented and wise young lady with a serious love for life. Here is getting to know Amanda a little better.

Photo credits : Chris Lew @ www.lewmedia.com.au

I believe health is something we can all achieve. It is about giving ourselves the best opportunity to live happy and disease free lives. There is a lot of confusion and many mixed messages about what is healthy for us. I feel the number one critical aspect to feeling and living healthy starts with how we feel about ourselves. It is not until we begin to understand and love ourselves enough to NEED to be healthy, not just want to be healthy.


I found this need after I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue in 2011. I was a pole vaulter prior to this and was training in the Western Australian Institute of Sport elite program. I competed at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and after this returned home with great passion and determination to train for the London Olympics. Something wasn’t right however, training began to take its toll on me. I found it very difficult to find the energy I used to have to get through training sessions. I was waking up tired after 10 hours of sleep and I had lost my spark and vitality. Being a naturally energetic and bubbly person, I felt like I was dead. After 8 months of doctors, specialists, testing, changing my diet and reducing my training load nothing was working. After this I made the decision to try the one thing I didn’t want to. Stop pole vaulting. It was such a painful decision and I was devastated.


This decision however allowed me to learn something about myself. I now had the time to focus on how to make myself feel better, to feel energetic again and to most importantly find the NEED to be healthy. I was prescribed anti depressants, as one way to control symptoms of the illness. And I purposely use the word control and not treat because there is no cure for chronic fatigue. I have never been a huge fan of medication, even asprin scares me a little, so I was really scared to try this. I didn’t even open the packet, I just threw it in the bin and that was my ‘game changer’.


I started to research and learn about nutrition. How everything we need to feel good is in the foods we eat. I collected books, searched on the Internet, read blogs and asked nutritionists about nutrients and where to find them. Learning this really made me focus on what I was putting into my body. As soon as I learned about our body’s reactions to the food we eat, I began to make better choices.


This is the key. Knowledge gives us reasoning and motivation to make the right decision. For example, if we know that fruits and vegetables help make us look younger, give us more energy, fight cancer, reduce bloating, have clear skin etc etc, this will give us a reason to chose to eat well. Not just because ‘it is good for you’.



Earlier this year I stumbled across THR1VE on Instagram (how wonderful is instagram and its ability to link and connect with like minded people?!) I instantly felt a connection with the people behind THR1VE, their philosophy and what they wanted to provide for people. A healthy life. It has been a road of recovery for almost three years now. I have good and bad days but the important thing is that the more I listen to my body and what it needs, the less bad days I have. I continue to learn about food everyday. It is a constant reminder of how we have the power to radiate health and happiness through something as simple as what we eat everyday.

Keep learning, it is your greatest tool to take charge and create a healthier life for yourself.




Amanda xx


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Photos by Chris Lew – www.lewmedia.com.au  / @lewchris on Instagram

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