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Half way there

The challenge so far has been interesting.



The positives I’ve witnessed myself :
1.  I have been running around the last 2 days telling everyone I’ve found 2 ab’s… they think I’m crazy but I’ve been checking them every day and they are definitely there!2. In the last 2 weeks I’ve actually woken up feeling less tired than I was before I went to sleep. This is been a huge change to my day.

3. For the first time ever, I got up yesterday before work and went for a run. I also went to the gym after work and still managed to go out to dinner. I can fit everything in with the extra energy I’ve gained.

4. Anything with coconut in it is amazing. I baked all weekend and have enough energy bars to last me until Christmas.

5. I am actually less moody. I think this was my boyfriends biggest hope for me/him in this challenge. My hormones were horribly uncontrollable for the last few years so PMS was a time for everyone to avoid me. He no longer fears me which is a plus.

6. I have become a pretty good little chef (no-one else has tasted my creations so I really am the only one who can say how good it is). I research recipes online and then adapt whatever ingredients I have at the time to make it work and then add whatever else I think will improve it. I made some pretty tasty home-made chicken meatballs and tomato sauce on the weekend that have served as a bfast, lunch and dinner throughout the week when I’ve not had time for eggs etc.

7. Organic markets are awesome for everything I need to stock up on that I’m unlikely to find in the supermarkets. I think I’ve checked out most of the ones in Sydney so far. Even managed to go to some local markets in Adelaide and Perth when I was there.

8.  I might not have lost any actual weight according to the scales but I can notice my body tightening up and becoming more defined, even if it isn’t super noticeable to others.

9. I really love cooking and eating things I know aren’t bad for me. I no longer have the guilts after eating.



The only negatives so far were in the first few weeks and adapting to the new style of eating and making sure I was prepared. Now that I have copious amounts of coconut oil, flour, yoghurt, almonds, etc I am fine with the rest of the hurdles.

I have started recommending Paleo to anyone who will listen, it will not only improve their lives, it makes it easier for me to go out to dinner with them and not be the only one scrutinizing the menu and waiter as to what the ingredients are.
I’m really looking forward to the next 6 weeks to see how much better I can feel and what new recipes I can come up with.

Thanks again to the THR1VE team for letting me be apart of this, I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into all of us Challengees.

– Elise

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