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5, 6, 7, 8

The last fortnight has been marked by two significant events. First, our Challenger’s half way point 6 week ‘weigh in’. Second, my return to the stage.


Checking In

It feels like such an achievement to have passed the half way point! Meeting with the THR1VE team was a great opportunity to refocus and to have a chat about my progress. I had anticipated average results because my schedule had not permitted as many workouts as I would have liked- but I was very pleasantly surprised to learn I truly had made a difference!


My actual weight/mass is still the same as pre-challenge but my overall composition has changed, which is awesome. My friends, family and colleagues have started to comment that I look fitter, have clearer skin and appear to have lost weight. It’s so great being able to tell them, “I’m actually the same weight! I’ve just gained muscle and lost fat!” I feel that my results are testimony to the core principles proposed by THR1VE’s Josh Sparks, Tim Ferriss and other Paleo experts- you need to work smart, not long and hard. It’s the quality of your training that matters most, not the quantity.


5, 6, 7, 8

I have been a professional dancer for the past 10 years, mostly in a full-time capacity. After a 5-month break over winter, I have just returned to the stage to perform for the busy summer season. I now perform in a cabaret show 3 evenings per week in addition to my regular 9-5 office job. Now, just like many women feel nervous about the first bikini beach day of summer, I always have concerns when I return to the stage. What if the costumes won’t do up? Will I look too heavy? I hope my legs don’t wobble when I jump. Fishnet tights are a wonderful invention but they can only do so much! We performers really do have to maintain fit healthy bodies to be dancing on stage in front of a couple-hundred audience members.


My last ‘return to stage’18 months ago was not so great. I had just spent 9 weeks holidaying in Europe. I had a blast, but came back 7kgs heavier thanks to all that wonderful European food and drink. Thankfully, that episode is all in the past as a stark difference to November 2013. Last week when I prepared for the show I was so pleased to find that the THR1VE Challenge has provided me with two huge benefits:


  1. Improved Fitness
    Instead of huffing and puffing through the dance numbers, I found them easy! As a performer, it is such a joy when you are fitter than the demands of your show because then you can truly enjoy the performance without feeling the need to conserve energy for the harder parts.


  1. Improved Aesthetics
    A friend once told me that “abs are made in the kitchen”. I think this may just be the case! I haven’t been doing and specific ab work except for the core work track during my pump class. So that’s maybe 5 minutes a week? Eating clean Paleo has definitely trimmed my middle section. My friend in the show even commented, “Tara! You got abs! Evidently, I did.

Here is some backstage action!


– Tara



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