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Boxing – life as good as it gets?

Boxing is the only place clarity exists for me. It is a place where I can truly be myself and not feel like I am pretending to be someone else.

I am who I am in the ring, no ulterior motives, no hang ups, nothing. It is my space and I own it- no one can take that away from me.
I read in a book that when one is completely absorbed in an action or task it is called FLOW. It is a space where time, judgements, insecurities or life’s expectations all take a back seat; none of these motives have weight or momentum.

When I box I am completely caught up in the moment, I can lose myself and any concept of time.

In fact, I have come out of fights and had no idea of what went on, if I’d hit her, if I’d worked hard enough, nothing. It was like I was not even in the ring-it’s a spooky thought; an intriguing experience to say the least.
This is a feeling I have come to love more and more, it is a feeling I can say I am now addicted to. I never thought I would be in this position; in fact I had a very different future paved out for myself some years ago.

Boxing has rawness about it; either your good or you need to improve. There is no other way around it. Nothing is hidden in the ring-even the big talkers have to eventually back it up. It’s not something you can cheat or talk your way out of because your hands do the talking. Politics, creed, religion or ethnicity does not exist in the ring; none of these things matter, the only thing that matters is fight preparation and work ethic. I think these are the reasons Hollywood has had a strange fascination with the story of the ‘boxer’, suffice to say one of the only films made of a female boxer happen to have the main character die at the end. All in all, I think the ‘boxer’ is someone many can relate to – it can be an analogy for life. This topic got me thinking of some of these parallels:

  • There is no time to be stuck in the past because when you fight you have to focus on the here and now.
  • You have to get up when you get knocked down otherwise you lose the fight.
  • Keep trying even if it doesn’t work the first time, you must dig deep no matter how much it hurts (even when the crowd is screaming against you)
  • Choose your own entourage, who you want in your corner and who you want in your team.
  • Listen to the right people; the trusted ones.
  • You cultivate an inner strength that pushes you beyond your brink; you are always at your brink because just like life, training is hard. Hard on your head, your hands and your heart. You must push, push, push beyond a place you’re comfortable only then can you reach victory and success.
  • Ultimately you are on your own in the ring and in life.

Having THR1VE in my corner has been a wonderful support for me; in fact I feel they have become quite like a family.  My energy levels are fantastic, I feel really healthy and people are commenting on the physical changes of my body. I feel like my goal may even be achievable.

– Bianca


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