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Confronting complacency…

…was why I signed to the THR1VE 12 week #summerbody challenge. Have you ever thought that you could be fitter, and feel more energetic but at the same time there is not enough stimuli to get you chasing that?


Who was I before the challenge?

Before this challenge, I was already exercising regularly with a normal range BMI. My body physicality wasn’t too bad either but definitely could do with some improvement with just a bit of muffin top to hide. My attitude to life was one of being content with who I am. While everyone has different reasons for jumping into action, I rather let this blog post be about the things that I am redefining what the new ‘average’ is for me than what motivated me to this sign up to the THR1VE 12 week challenge.


So far, so GOOD!!!

My experience with the THR1VE 12 week challenge has been absolutely a great one due to the substantial progress I have made so far, considering that there are 2 more weeks to go! Time flies when you are having fun! So far, I have managed to shed a decent amount of body fat that I have been aiming to lose in the past 8 years in just less than 10 weeks. I am sharing this blog post with THR1VE fans to not to let complacency hold you back so that you can go and discover what a better person you can make out to be. In other words, yes, it can be done!!!!!

And here’s what I have confronted: 

1) Comfort food

My comfort foods are my staple foods which are something that I ate on a daily basis and not have to think much about. My staples such as potatoes, cow’s milk, bread and rice have been my comfort food for life. As Josh Sparks, CEO and founder of THR1VE, mentioned to me on our first catchup for the THR1VE 12 week challenge, while I am not someone who would have these foods excessively, even eating these in moderation could inhibit progress from reaching any dieting goals. Being so adapted to these foods, coming up with some changes will be a serious commitment, but something I was willing to give it a try. Eating Paleo for this THR1VE 12 week challenge means that I need cut out all processed foods and which excludes my staples. That’s right, bread and rice included! However, the big positive for me about Paleo eating is that I will still be allow to commit to the eating plans without needing to go through any deprivation at all.


My Paleo eating journey featuring my favourite dishes:

(Starting top-left corner clockwise: Herb-crusted salmon; my favourite food on the THR1VE menu, the Naked lamb burger; a quick home-made salmon Caesar salad; granola; my regular smoothie with THR1VE PerformaProtein,  and by far my favourite Paleo creation is the lamb tagine served with broccoli and cauliflower rice )


How I confronted my complacency with eating the foods that I have been having all my life

By looking up over several Paleo websites I have come across some viable alternatives for staples that I have been excluding from the Paleo diet. Some alternatives that I have been trying out during the THR1VE 12 week challenge are replacing:

– Cow’s milk with almond milk

– Rice with cauliflower rice

– Potatoes with sweet potatoes

– Bread… well, I just don’t eat it these days, although, I love the idea of a ‘naked’ sandwich or burger. (Love that Naked Lamb Burger at THR1VE)

– Wheat Cereal, with granola

By doing this, I was able to ease myself mentally into eating foods without my usual staple foods.


2) Body image and composition

Despite have a healthy BMI and feeling fit and healthy due to my regular gym class attendance, that dreaded muffin top remains! Many women’s groups, institutions and magazines have taught me well to be happy with my body image, encouraging that we should be happy for who we are and how we look. Despite this, we all know we can do a bit better, can’t we? Prior to starting my amazing journey, it did seem at the time my weight was slowly creeping upwards. Nothing drastic, seeing though it was only a kilo in a year, but something that could do with arresting nonetheless…

So since discovering about the THR1VE 12 week #summerbody challenge, I decided, let’s do something about it. Timing is King after all! There is no better time than now. And what better way than to have the super external forces of the THR1VE 12 week challenge – the perfect chance to correct stubborn flabs without any nips and tucks!

How I confronted my complacency with body image and composition??!!

Entering this 12 week #summerbody challenge has allowed me to further look into my body composition than just the weight alone and discover that I need to focus on my muscle mass and body fat composition instead of weight along. As nowadays, I am complaining about baggy trousers.

Shopping, anyone?


3) Exercise workouts

I have been doing aerobic fitness classes for over 5 years now and I have been averaging around 3-4 sessions per week. While this is not a bad commitment to living an active lifestyle, after chatting to Josh, he revealed that it could be better. While I think group fitness is a great way to be active and maintain good fitness, which is why I regularly attend these fitness classes, the rate of the fitness level improving can level out over time after doing the same type of exercises for this long. That’s why, as much as I appreciate having the time to do aerobic fitness, it’s time to up the ante with a different set of workouts: compound movements.

How did I confront my workout regime with a different set of movements?

After some discussion with Josh during the midway challenge catchup, I eventually started taking on the advice from Josh midway through the THR1VE 12 week challenge.

Thanks Josh, you’re a star! 

I did it by start swapping a strength aerobic session with free weights at the gym. Surprisingly, it’s not as daunting as I thought it would be finding me the only girl in the free weights section of the gym. And, I did not feel as lost in what need to do as I was given a plan by Josh on the exercises to do.


Smashing complacency with a kettle bell – Rah.

So here, I revealed the three things that have been holding my health and well-being back due to complacency (but not that it wasn’t in good shape already). Just in case you wonder if you could be trapped in the same complacency like what I have dealt with in life, maybe head over to your nearest THR1VE store and kick start the Paleo eating with a lunchbowl at THR1VE and have a chat with one of the friendly staff there. Or, for starters, have a smoothie while you ponder over the new meaning of what you want out of life (my favourite is the delicious protein packed Chocolate Fix). It sounds simple but that about at all it took for me to get started on redefining ‘average’ for myself.


3) With a new popular burger chain opening nearby in Canberra, I have been itching to go there; however, I was worry about breaking my commitment to the 12 week challenge. Here is just a silly moment that could have eventuated had I failed to restrain myself:

At a popular burger chain, Gr’azed*

“Can I please order the Amazing* burger?”

“Sure, that will be $14.90.”

“I actually can I have that as a ‘naked’ Amazing* burger..?”

Funny look from counter staff. “I’m sorry?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll just head over to THR1VE.”

*name changed to cover up my naughty dining out experience and of course to protect the burger chain from any embarrassment.


 – Mary


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