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THR1VE & The Healthy Cook

It is my pleasure to be working closely with such an exciting company in THR1VE.

I must say when it comes to the word ‘Health’ in cafes and food courts this term is used quite liberally. I am very picky when it comes to being associated with food brands as policies and beliefs have to be aligned with my own. However I must say it was as if this was meant to happen. It is great to have a company not just endorsing food or even health for that matter but more importantly happiness and vitality. People often forget that the biggest component of health is happiness. Through their forms of education THR1VE are putting an amazing stamp on the industry, revolutionising their outlet into a “Superfood Café”. Not only are consumers walking away with a mouth-watering delicious lunch, but they also learn the key aspects of nutrition all in a glance. Just by experiencing their amazing options consumers question the ingredients and learn why they are so important in your life. The biggest point of difference THR1VE have on the industry is the fact they are the only outlet that is 100% gluten free, making their superfood café 20 years ahead of its competitors.

Healthy, happy and delicious being associated with THR1VE was a no brainer!


Why Gluten Free?!
In this day and age it is so common to hear about this notion called “Gluten Free Food” whereby restaurants and cafés alike will include this as option on their menu, but what does it mean? Gluten is a protein compound found in foods or produce derived from wheat. It is the component that gives elasticity to dough allowing it to be shaped, rise and fall and adds a distinctive texture to the overall product. The problem is we were never meant to digest it…!



Eating gluten can be somewhat compared to digesting metal as our bodies simply were not made to break down this element. Our internal organs recognise it as a foreign substance and so our body’s struggle to digest it properly. Some people can handle it, however more and more people are becoming what is know as “gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive” and being diagnosed with ‘coeliac disease’. Those unfortunate to be diagnosed experience irritable stomachs and are susceptible to aches and pains. Other cases have seen joint and finger swelling, nausea, headaches and a feeling of uncomfortable nature around the bowel!

Whenever I translate what gluten is, I like to take people back to their childhood. Not sure if this relates to you but do you remember CLAG glue? The substance you used in arts and crafts in kindergarden and you used a paddle pop stick to remove it from the bottle? When you ate this… which some kids did, it is as if they are eating gluten. The glue like substance is stretchy, sticky and toxic and as it passes through your system it sticks to walls, stretches, causes passageway issue and ultimately your stomach cannot simply break it down. So just remember to next time go easy on the bread!

Common foods that contain gluten are, pizza, pasta, soy sauce, cakes, and pastry. As more and more people are recognising and experiencing the intolerance, companies are bringing out gluten free options for pasta, and pizza doughs. Even cakes are becoming gluten free!


As bread in the modern age is a big part of western societies meals, to some degree our body’s are becoming adapted to breaking it down. As a result the onset of the associated illnesses are being delayed and individuals are not being affected until their early twenties. The biggest problem with this is people feel they are immune to the intolerance and consume bread without any initial problems, however once reactions begin it is harder to stop because they have been putting their hand in the cookie jar for so long!

It is unrealistic for me to say you should stop having gluten altogether purely because one, that would make me a hypocrite, two it is unrealistic, and three it does not fit in with my “Healthy Cook” Philosophies. I myself consume almost everything gluten free, however I also place a high value on a balanced lifestyle. I grew up on making my own fresh pasta and pizza doughs and call myself Italian. Its important to still have these meals every so often as they produce an amazing positive response from your hormones, you just have establish how often.!


If you are someone who loves these kind of foods but knows its time to make a change its important to wein your body off rather than go cold turkey. Studies show a much more successful rate in training the brain progressively to handle cravings compared to complete restrictions. In saying this everyone is an individual and you may prefer to just bite the bullet and stop. Personally I cut back progressively and now I have bread once a month, pasta and pizza alike. I trained my mind to go without and have established a routine to not rely on these foods to entertain my meals!

Alternatives like sweet potato, and brown rice are amazing it is no wonder why THR1VE which uses these philosophies, are having such an influential mark on the food industry. I am proud to be associated with their company not only do our philosophies align but it is great to walk into a food court, be greeted with such amazing energy and know that whatever I order I don’t have to change things or be picky at the counter.

Remember this date, remember this year as this is the beginning of THR1VE & THE HEALTHY COOK, watch this space as there is so much more to come…

– Dan

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  1. December 9, 2013 @ 11:20 am Davora

    Hi , could you please tell me how much the book costs and also the location of purchase and signing in canberra



    • December 11, 2013 @ 10:57 am THR1VE

      Hi Davora, the book will be available in store on the day for $40! See you there!


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