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Changing my Life

I am more healthy today than I have been for many years. Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was the treatment (surgery, chemo and radiation) that made me really sick. After recovering I had a body that needed even more care. I gained an enormous amour of weight from the treatment and I was already overweight before the cancer. Over the years I have experimented with many healthy lifestyle ideas and it is thanks to THR1VE that I have discovered what works for me. Early on in the challenge I was having a lot of protein shakes and smoothies.


After talking to Josh I decided to cut back on smoothies, protein drinks and concentrate on eating real food, fresh food, vegetables and meat/chicken/fish with each meal/salads. It sounds so logical and so simple and smart. The biggest lesson for me was realising that my lifestyle needed a serious review. So half way thru the challenge I am feeling great, energy plus , lost body fat and gaining some muscle. I am now also concentrating on physical exercise. I have not really exercised consistently for a long time and have been doing some strength based exercises at the local gym. I am learning to sprint, star jump, box and crunch.


It took me a while to find a personal trainer who had some idea about paleo and about Tabita style training, I now have a fantastic trainer who pushes me each day with a smile and for the first time in my life I actually look forward to training. I am gaining confidence and feeling really well for the first time for a very long time. I haven’t had too many difficult situations as everyone around me is very supportive and when I have been out I study the menu and ask questions (yes I am one those people). I think also staying well hydrated has really helped me. My partner David has also been doing the challenge so I have his support. Being supported by the fantastic thrive team and my family and friends has motivated me to continue make real changes that I will happily continue after the 12 weeks are over.


This challenge is AWESOME  and I also want to thank Isabel (previous challenger) it was her who motivated me to do the challenge,  how she spoke of the amazing energy she has and new found zest for life. Thanks to her words  I was motivated to enter. Thank you to THR1VE and Isabel!

– Carolyn



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