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Training our anaerobic system

There is vast amounts of diversity when it comes to training, we could use all our systems in one session (Anaerobic, Lactate and aerobic) or we could just train one specific system.

All of us who train or play a sport generally do it for a reason weather it is just for fun or to improve ourselves. If you are looking to progress in your area of fitness or sport there is one system that can’t be neglected, this is the anaerobic system.

The best way I can describe the anaerobic system is by using the words strength or power, generally it’s the energy we use from 0 – 10 secs of that specific movement trained.  Our anaerobic lactate system will kick in beyond this time and our aerobic system approximately 2 minutes after the very beginning of work.


Michael Roach competing at the Australian crossfit regionals | Kai Brownlie and Michael Roach winning teams at the 2013 Smash Clash

Our anaerobic system is trained by doing things like strength training, plyometric or speed work. Strength plus speed equals power and when we’re more powerful we can then jump higher, throw further and run faster. So if you are specific in the way you train, for instance if you just run, ride or even just play a sport – to improve I would implement some sort of anaerobic training.

My advice to everyone is to squat at least once a week no matter whom you are, if we squat correctly and focus on strength, we burn heaps of energy and develop muscle. This reduces the risk of injury because our muscles begin to work and protect our skeleton, our body shape will change and start to look great as well. If you can stand up and sit down you can squat, so if you are lacking in strength, mobility or coordination just use a bench and begin by sitting down and standing up again, over time you will become more comfortable.

Don’t be single minded and think  that just running, riding or even  aerobics will do the trick it’s all good and helps you burn fat. However training your anaerobic system damages your body so that it has to adapt and evolve. This uses vast amounts of energy and will help burn your fat stalls and develop lean body mass. Do this all with the right foods like that which THR1VE provides, and you will be on track to become a prettier and healthier human being.


– Michael Roach

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