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Winners of the THR1VE Transformation Challenge

First of all, a huge congratulations to our contestants – you have all inspired and progressed in these past 12 weeks. Thank you for letting us share this journey with you, and thank you for your determination, commitment, and drive to persevere.

Your results quite simply speak for themselves – you have all won!

Regardless of prizes, the truth is that every single one of our challengers have transformed dramatically in just twelve short weeks, improving in multiple metrics associated with better health, greater energy, a longer life… and the list goes on. Think about it, what took you years to accumulate you have significantly reversed, in only three months.  Imagine what will be possible if you choose to continue to live this way?

Drumroll please…

Places are allocated based on a percentage improvement in body composition, based on before and after body fat measurements

Our Winners

3rd Prize – Abigail, Canberra


with a MASSIVE 23.2% improvement in body composition!  

A huge congratulations Abigail, and enjoy $250 cash and 20% off THR1VE products for the next 90 days, on us.

“I have really enjoyed creating new recipes and finding more about nutrition and fitness- I have discovered things I wouldn’t have even thought of and tried things I wouldn’t consider in the past!”

– Abigail


2nd Prize – Elise, Sydney


with a 29.2% improvement in body composition!

Well done Elise, a fantastic result, and enjoy $500 cash and 20% off THR1VE products for the next 90 days, on us.

“The last time I saw Mum was about 3 months ago when I had just started Paleo and we went away to the Margaret River in W.A together. My Mum is the kind of mother that freaks out when I lose any weight so I was a bit apprehensive to what she would say when she saw me after the challenge. As it turns out, my worries were for nothing, the first thing she said to me was “wow, look how healthy and strong you look!“. This is the first time in my life she’s said this so you can imagine how happy I was. This just reiterated how good the paleo lifestyle was for me.”

– Elise


1st Prize – Cornelius, Canberra



with a 31% improvement in body composition!

By far the most jaw-dropping result that we’ve seen in the THR1VE Challenges, well done Cornelius!

$1000 cash and 20% off THR1VE products for the next 90 days, on us.

“I was looking for something to shift me out of a plateau. That has definably been achieved. I have dropped about one or two trouser sizes. This is a massive win and I must thank all the fun team at Canberra THR1VE and particularly to Josh for his critical pieces of advice along the way.”

– Cornelius


I sincerely hope that the end of the THR1VE 12 Week Transformation will not be an end to your journey.
You have come so far, and you are all continuing to progress – so why stop now?

Congratulations again, and I look forward to seeing you in store very soon.

– Josh




Why a 12 week “THR1VE Transformation”?

1. A slow and steady approach to cleaner, real food eating is the best way to ensure a lifetime of good eating habits. Anything that is a fad or fast or a quick fix, has a short life and we want you to be thriving with a lifetime of energy, balance, and vitality.

2. This transformation is not about stripping back, starving or strict detoxing… it is about adding, enhancing, and building. Think of these 12 weeks as adding new exciting, nutrient dense foods into your world and being so satisfied and delighted with your meals that you forget about those crazy junk food cravings of the past.

3. By the end of 12 weeks, you’ll have transformed into an energized, vibrant, fat-burning BEAST!

How can I do this when I work?


This program is designed to be simple to implement in your own home, to create a lifetime of habits, and to give you enough energy so you can transform, work and play at the same time. With at least one meal per day from THR1VE, we will help ease your load. Additionally all meals follow simple guidelines, hundreds of recipes are available online and in our recommended books, thus ensuring your daily meals are quick and easy to prepare at home. And do what we do – make extra at night and either freeze of refrigerate for a second serving.

We will be running the next THR1VE 12 Week Challenge in 2014, look out for more information on our Facebook page and in store!

Our Valued Partners

Our Valued Partners

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