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12 Week Challenger – Elise

The last time I saw Mum was about 3 months ago when I had just started Paleo and we went away to the Margaret River in W.A together. My Mum is the kind of mother that freaks out when I lose any weight so I was a bit apprehensive to what she would say when she saw me after the challenge. As it turns out, my worries were for nothing, the first thing she said to me was “wow, look how healthy and strong you look!”. This is the first time in my life she’s said this so you can imagine how happy I was. This just reiterated how good the paleo lifestyle was for me.


Before I started to show any real results from my diet and exercise, I did face the constant ridicule and questions from people surrounding paleo which did make it difficult to keep up. I decided I needed to start surrounding myself with like minded people who would help keep me on track. I also got a personal trainer that followed and really understood Paleo principles who made exercise so much fun. I actually wanted to go to my sessions each week because of the way he structured the work out. I owe a big proportion of my results to him.


Once I started to show some changes in my body and health, the non believers who ridiculed paleo initially started to comment on how I was “shrinking” and how healthy I looked. Another hurdle overcome.

My family and boyfriend were all super supportive and understood the reasons why I was doing this in the first place. After years of me complaining about my health, I’m sure they have enjoyed the last 3 months of a healthier and happier Elise. I’m also happy to report that I’ve now gotten 4 family members to give paleo a go.


Most people know I’m pretty head strong and ultra competitive so the challenge itself was a great way for me to prove to myself I can achieve what I have, as long as I put my head down and get stuck in. In saying this, I definitely needed the help of my support system to get me going and keep me accountable. I was lucky to have the thr1ve team and even more so their food as easy and delicious alternative for bfast and lunch so I wasn’t tempted to cheat.

A couple of tips for anyone wanting to improve their health and start a Paleo lifestyle –

– Be prepared. Go and buy the ingredients you will need and do some research on what and why you’re choosing this path so you are convinced it is for you.

– Be inventive with your recipes- boring food will make you cheat more.

– Get moving! Do as much exercise as you can in whatever form that may be, and again, be inventive and creative. Get a good PT if you are struggling and bored with the gym.

– Find the right people-surround yourself with like minded happy and healthy people to keep you positive and on track. Use their paleo and healthy lifestyle tips, especially in regards to food supplies.

– Elise

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