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In Transit

I feel like everything is in slow motion.
Trying to wrap my head around all the changes that are happening around me. It can be either good or bad I guess; depending on how you chose to look at it; and everything is by choice (the way in which you respond to events).

I am sitting in a cozy room, looking at thick layers of snow fall outside. Chelyabinsk is a large province in Russia and I flew into this city 2 days ago, although I just slept 13 hours and thought it was 7am, its actually 12pm…my mind is playing tricks on me. Conventionally no one can speak English here so conversation is based on bad sign language and the broken Russian I have picked up a long the way.

I’m in transit in Russia awaiting my trip to Sweden to a major European female competition. The promoter is boasting 130 entrants which is big for boxing numbers. Of course, I will be the only Aussie again and the only non-European competitor. Lots of pressure and I love it! I love being under the pump… it makes me have to rise to the challenge, I THR1VE with adversity.

BUT… diet, diet, diet. I now fully appreciate how good I have it in Canberra. The fact that I don’t have to think about what I am eating because I can just roll into THR1VE whenever I want to is becoming more apparent everyday.


I am sitting in the Russian world champs room now as I write this and just before she left to visit her mum, she pointed to her cupboard and (in hand gestures) pointed to her array of food that I can kindly help myself to.The world champ who has absolutely no problems with her weight to the point where she sits below her weight division has every kind of biscuit and sweet imaginable. WHAT! Grrrrggghh. Why!? And how? She doesn’t even blink an eye when it comes to weighing her food. She does not have to. She is a smaller build than me, so in the back of my mind I am giving myself a get out of free card. I do have a body type that builds side ways and I do have a lot of muscle so….maybe that’s why I have to eat like a bird? Or maybe she doesn’t eat irresponsibly like I do in Australia I have noticed that people in Russia have smaller proportions and they don’t eat a lot. Which brings me to a subject I have been thinking a lot about lately : PORTIONS
I’ve worked it all out – it’s not about restricting, it’s about not eating too much of anything. I have been actually calorie counting lately which I thought was a fad so I stayed away from it thinking I will be different and go against the flow. But, I have to confess it really is quite helpful sometimes. If we could see the calories in what we ate we wouldn’t be so riddled with guilt and anxiety. It has actually worked in the opposite for me in that, the things I thought I had to completely cut out, I don’t have to as long as I don’t have a lot of it and stay within my calorie intake. It also makes me accountable to what I eat, if I chose to eat a lot of breakfast than I will need to eat a smaller lunch and so forth.

One of the biggest things I will need to wrap my mind around now is that things aren’t going to run smoothly because I am out of my comfort zone without the support systems around me (THR1VE) and that’s OK.
I read yesterday that the most successful people are the ones who can break rigid routines and can be flexible with the things happening around them. I am not going to do my head in because I have limited control over the things going on around me. I will enjoy the spontaneity and I will accept and learn and then accept some more, obviously a task easier said than done. But I will try.

Its close to competition in  the festive season, it is seriously hard but then again I like hard and I will aim for the highest measure in Sweden – GOLD.


– Bianca

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