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Home Made Almond Milk

Late last year, we spent a day with The Healthy Cook – Dan Churchill, who showed us a thing or two about healthy cooking. With a serious passion for wholesome, healthy food that tastes amazing, we’re thrilled to bring you a series of how-to videos where we’ve teamed up with Dan to give you ideas and inspiration for a healthier, happier 2014. In the first episode, Dan takes us through home made almond milk, something that we take great pride in making fresh in store every day. Here is how you can do it yourself at home.

Although I love my milk most people unfortunately include too much dairy in their diet. Dairy products are awesome and can be used in so many cuisines. Yoghurt for marinades or breakfast options. Milk for smoothies and pancakes, and you can’t forget cream for soups desserts and sauces. The problem is like anything too much is not a good thing. Although dairy products offer amazing vitamins and minerals such as the obvious calcium for bones, muscular and brain function, unfortunately it also contains high levels of acidity.

Your body is an amazing system.

When your body has too much of one thing it will create ways to balance it out. In this case when your body has too much acidity due to dairy it will excrete most of it out through your urine. Although this sounds like a good thing, when you do go to the toilet you also lose all the amazing nutrients present within the foods. So although dairy is high in calcium you may not absorb much of it as it is aligned with high acidity levels.



Home made Almond Milk

This became a problem for me because I love my smoothies. However I learned to combat it by creating my very own Almond milk. All though it doesn’t have as much calcium compared to cows milk, almond milk has plenty of antioxidants and after being soaked is great for stomach digestion, not to mention how it lowers cholesterol levels with its amazing quality fat. To make the base of almond milk all you need is almonds and water. From there you can vary and come up with your own mix. Commercial brands tend to add confectionery sugar, I personally don’t think it is necessary but its up to you.


1 cup almonds
700 ml water, plus extra for soaking



Cover the almonds with water in a bowl and allow them to soak over night.

The next day, boil 700ml of water and allow to cool.

Drain the almonds, and then blend with the boiled water until liquified.

Place the mixture in a muslin / cheese cloth, and slowly squeeze the contents into a jar.

Add a pinch of sea salt to increase the longevity of the almond milk, but this should last 2-3 days in the fridge.


– Dan

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