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I won an ACT title!

To be honest, in the past I haven’t really been concerned about claiming a Canberra title but this is the big one. It is the beginning of my quest for Commonwealth Games gold.



I won it last Saturday night at Melba high in front of a big crowd of supporters and friends (and some haters of course). I won it and as the ref put my hand up announcing my victory I knew right then and there, in that split second that it was all worth it; the hard work, sweat and tears I have put into my prep over the last 6 months. Of course when I was preparing And complaining, and then complaining some more it was hard to look at the big picture. It was in these times that my support network made or broke me. THR1VE, my mates, and my mum gave me that perspective.  It isn’t so much about working or turning up to training, that is the easiest part it’s giving the last  1 or 2% when I think I have nothing left which is by far, the toughest part. You know who your mates are in these moments of despair; the ones who stick around and tolerate your manic behavior when your hungry and speaking crazy. Hunger can take you to places in your mind you have never been before. All I can say is thank you to everyone who stuck around in those really dark times and thank you to my girls boxing class who had to bear the brunt of it.


I have also learned a lot about the infamous ‘Critic’. You know the one,  you can find that Critic  in every aspect of life. The person that will find a way to complain or bring you down. The Critics voice, I learned, gets louder the more things one achieves. I have also learned to silence them in my mind. Mind over matter is key to achieving since, if you allow negativity to come into your dreams it can muddy your vision.

Enough of this topic, let’s get back to he fun stuff-winning. Winning the ACT title has given me direct entry into the Australian championships in Perth 7 April; the one and only qualifier for the Commonwealth games in Scotland this coming July. All I know now is that everything I do from now until Perth will be important; the people I surround myself with, the things I think, eat and the way I live my life. I need to live my dreams as much as I can, I must be honest with myself in this journey as it will take  a lot of introspection an determination to seal the last qualifier.


I found an email I wrote when I was in Russia which sums up the way I feel and what lays ahead for me, it’s called ‘Awaiting’:

“Patience will be the key from now until my victory

Patience in the ring, before I throw my combos waiting for ample opportunity

Patience with the organising of planes, accommodation, waiting times

Patience with people who irritate me

Patience with my weight, the 200grams of water to sweat out

Patience with wanting the gold so bad

Patience with wanting to eat everything in sight

Patience with wanting to drink water

Patience with wanting to have fun and be everyone’s friend. Friends will be after the competition now it is time to kill

Patience with myself- knowing that everything I have done up to date is enough for victory at this competition

Be a warrior not a worrier a wise man once said.”

– Bam Bam

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