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Strength training & diet

These 3 tips I have discovered during the strength program. They all added a lot of value, and can easily be used everyday without a specific training protocol.

Bone broth (pictured above): it gets a lot of leg work in the paleo/primal community but I hadn’t really implement it into my diet until a few months ago. All I can say is I wish I had earlier. As the name suggests bone broth is soup made from bones ensuring  it is high in gelatin. The beauty of gelatin is it helps joints heal. I had a few nasty little joint issues in particular my right knee. Within a week of starting a daily dose (about 1cup/250ml) of bone broth I noticed my knee and elbows were feeling amazingly better. I can’t believe how good it feels.

Bone broth also has a lot of other benefits including healthy/glowing skin and healing the gut/aiding in digestion- a healthy gut also boosts your immune system so that over training doesn’t result in colds and flus.

I love bone broth! 

Its super easy to make – buy a slow cooker add water and bones with some vegies, herbs and 1-2 tbp of apple cider vinegar.




home made beef jerky, ABC butter

Fermented foods: This is referring to things like Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Kombucha and Kefir mainly. Also pot set greek or sheeps yoghurt. The beauty of fermented foods is they help heal/maintain a healthy gut. How does this affect performance? Well if your digestion is not working right then you won’t be getting as much of the nutrient value from the foods your eating.

Fermented foods really added and extra level to my nutrition and helped me tackle any digestion issues. Basically I just FELT better!



chicken liver wrapped in bacon

Organ meats: To be completely honest this one was a bit harder for me! And to date I have only tackled liver – I have been making chicken liver paté and I actually really enjoy it now.

The beauty of organ meats is they provide vitamins and minerals that are found NOWHERE else in our daily diets. So my story and liver, I didn’t notice it like I did bone broth, ie aches and pains didn’t vanish. What I did notice though was a definite positive shift in energy and boost of immune system – I had been battling with a cold for weeks due to long hrs and trying to train, my diet was good but once I introduced liver pate the cold just went away! Plus the added bonus of KNOWING its one of the best food you can EVER eat!! NUFF said!




So give them ago and let us know what you think!

For more information check out Dr. Cate, whom we met at PrimalCon in Mexico. Amongst many other credentials, she is in charge for the LA Lakers dietary planning!


– Jack 


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