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One step at a time

Starting something new can be daunting, especially if we have an expectation to achieve a personal goal at the end. We usually set goals to make a change in our lives. This can be a wonderful motivation to continue pushing ourselves and aim for something better or just something different. In the beginning, the path towards our goal can be quite exciting. The image of ourselves succeeding is strong, and this creates a positive mind frame to start those first steps.


For some of our goals the path can be quite smooth, everything seems to fall into place and the effort put in is rewarded with achievement. There are periods in our life however, when things don’t work so nicely. We come across challenges or obstacles that slow our progress or even make us feel like we are going backwards. The goal we once set, now feels so far away and we start to lose faith in our ability to reach the end.


So how do you keep motivated and inspired to keep trying?

It’s all about our mind set. Yes, setting an end goal is a great way to get our minds into the right state to start making changes. The trick is to keep faith in our abilities to keep going through the rest of our journey. And it is a journey. The very moment we decide to work towards a goal is our first step. It is so important to understand what we need to do to accomplish what we want, and many successful people think in this way.

What do you need to do everyday to keep on track? Find something that you can accomplish and acknowledge the steps you are taking. It is the daily wins we achieve that fuel our fire to keep striving tomorrow. For example, your goal might be to start eating healthy. A daily step towards this goal may be to learn about one type of food and its health benefits (eg. Tomato) and include it in one of your meals during the day.



Positive efforts are never wasted. Everything builds up over time and positive efforts eventually become positive habits. And when we build a habit it is much harder to break. Saying this, it is also important to remember that it is ok to come across a set back. Understand that it has happened and don’t dwell on it. All it takes is that one positive effort to get back on track again.

There is something wonderful about what we learn on our journey towards our goals. Most of the time, it’s the harder times and the set backs that teach us the most. Our challenges force us the think in a different way. We re-evaluate where we are in relation to our goals and what it will take to get back on the path to achieving them. A set back is also the perfect time to look back at how far you have come. We often forget to look back at where we started and more importantly WHY we started. Why did you make the decision to make a change, to take the first step? Most likely it was a decision to give yourself something better. Don’t forget this.

More often than not, it is not the goal itself that makes us happy and gives us that feeling of personal growth and accomplishment. It is about what we learn, what we overcome and who we become on the way.


Let the journey be your motivation.



Amanda  xx


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