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THR1VE Bachelors

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We are thrilled to have both our Manager – Jack May, and Brand Ambassador – Dan Churchill in the Cleo Magazine Bachelor of the Year Top 30. We hate to brag, but can’t help to think that no other food brand have one, yet TWO Bachelors in the running to become Cleo Bachelor of the Year… Must be something magic in those smoothies and bowls.

We managed to catch the boys for a few quick questions about the competition. And they may have been shirtless.

You’re welcome. 


1. We are VERY excited to have two THR1VE representatives in the Cleo Bachelor Top 30 – are you just as excited as we are?! What are your expectations of the competition? 

Jack – I’m super excited, it was amazing to be involved and really fun experience! I don’t really have any expectations for the rest of the competition, at the photoshoot I was laughing and smiling all day which is a good enough for me. It was an added bonus having Dan there too – guess it goes to show you how good THR1VE food really is!
Dan – Ha! Yes should be a bit of fun! To be honest thats what I’m there for to have a good laugh with 29 other awesome blokes and in turn I might raise some awareness about healthy eating habits  : )

2. You’re both lookin’ pretty damn fine! What do you do to stay in shape? Did you do any special prep ahead of the Cleo shoot?

Jack – I’m lucky i get to eat at THR1VE everyday almost, so my nutrition is really good, I try to workout 2-3 days per week depending on how busy I am. I tend to shift between strength training and high intensity training, which allows me to get he most out of the little time I have. Prior to the shoot I did a 7 days of SUPER low carb (30g of carbs per days) and then a carb reload the night before the shoot. I was pretty happy with the results.
Dan – Its pretty simple I schedule my workouts in at the start of the week… lift heavy 4-5 times with plenty of actives for play and relaxation such as paddle boarding and surfing and then eat using the foundations of Paleo, making sure it all tastes great with plenty of diversity… much like THR1VE.

3. Both of you live very busy lifestyles, what do you do to reboot, renergize & refocus?

Jack –The best things for me have been cutting gluten and processed sugar, sleeping in a blackout room (I bought special curtains) and I have started to Mediate (I’m not very good) but its has helped – especially in the mornings. I also started taking clod shower before bed to get a deeper recovering sleep – it’s hard work but amazing!
Dan –  I read the paper every morning, that keeps my mind in tact and things like paddling and cooking really relax me… naturally the latter I do plenty of.

4. What are your favorite items on the THR1VE menu? 

Jack- EVERYTHING! I literally go through stages of eating it all! I do LOVE the Salted Caramel with some vanilla whey in it post workout though.

Dan – You can’t go passed the Salted Caramel smoothie… Jack May looks after me with a bit of whey protein, then theres the mountain coffee and lately I have been smashing the Teriyaki Salmon with Broccoli and Avocado… but to be honest I would eat it all!

5. A goal I’ve promised myself to kick by the end of the year:

Jack – I want to get a 200kg deadlift this year. I got it about a month ago! Other than that I just want to try and push the new stores to finishes really strongly and to be ready for an even bigger and better new year.
Dan – To get Jack May to be Cleo Bachelor 2014! That and maybe clean and jerk 105kg.

Support the boys by purchasing one (or both!) of their Team bands in store for $2 – all proceeds will be donated to one of the following charities as voted by you on Facebook at the end of October : World Vision, Beyond Blue or R U OK?
Green : Team Jack
Black : Team Dan


Follow our Brand Ambassador Dan Churchill

Instagram : @dan_churchill
Twitter : @churchill_dan


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