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In love with Roman Rings

The rings were a tool that I had never thought too much about until last year when I decided that I wanted to do a ring muscle-up. Since then I’ve had my eyes opened to the whole world of training that is possible with such a simple but powerful tool. So much so that they…


WOD – Workout of the Day

100 rep sets of whatever moves you – there’s no school like the old school. Each set to exhaustion, full range of movement (ROM), each exercise to a total of 100 reps. I reckon I was too light on squats, a little too heavy on bench, and chins….well, they hurt. Minus my training partners for…


Functional Fitness – not the mere appearance of fitness

AKA – what do Gym Jones, Parkour, Crossfit and MovNat have in common? The mantra of Gym Jones (link to – http://www.gymjones.com/), infamous for the training regimes developed for the cast of the film “300”, could equally apply to the original urban gymnastics of Parkour, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkour), the high intensity strength training cult of Crossfit (link to http://www.crossfit.com/),…



So what should you expect from us? First of all, we will only blog when we have something meaningful to share.   We don’t have deadlines we need to meet, this isn’t old media.  If there isn’t something genuinely cool on our radar, we will remain happily mute.  So you might see a post once…

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